Competence Map for Game Masters

Professional Requirements (Japanese only)


  • Keiichirō Fujibayashi 独立研究者


co-creation, competence, Game Master (GM), quality, TRPG


Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TRPGs) allow players to enjoy the experience of co-creating a story. However, there are times when the experience is not enjoyable. Among the factors that affect the quality of the experience, the role of the Game Master (GM) is important. In contrast to competitive games such as Shogi, where victory or defeat is clear-cut, how do we evaluate the "skill" of a co-creation game? The author has observed more than 100 GM sessions, ranging from beginners to game designers to certified GMs, and has considered the factors of enjoyment by using autoethnography, referring to both formal evaluations and the author's personal experiences. The findings are presented in the form of a "competence map." The author hopes that not only professional GMs but also amateur GMs who pursue TRPG enjoyment in depth will make use of the suggestions.


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