Literatura E Livros-Jogos

Review of "Literature and Gamebooks" by Pedro Panhoca da Silva


  • Camila Concato Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (UPM)


gamebooks, literary adaptations, interactive texts, dissertation review, Portuguese


Pedro Panhoca da Silva's dissertation explores the convergence of literature and gamebooks. It commences with a playful nod to gamebook elements, suggesting an innovative approach. Silva categorizes various ludic products and analyzes Jonathan Green's successful adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classics into a gamebook. He then presents his own gamebook adaptation of José Frederico Ferreira Martins' "Angrid: romance oriental," resulting in "Ângela: a vingança transcontinental" (Angela: The Transcontinental Revenge). Feedback indicated a positive reception, highlighting the younger generation's interest in interactive texts. Silva emphasizes the need for gamebooks in educational settings, suggesting they resonate with contemporary readers. His work stands as a significant academic contribution to gamebook studies.


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Literatura E Livros-Jogos: Review of "Literature and Gamebooks" by Pedro Panhoca da Silva. (2023). RPG学研究: Japanese Journal of Analog Role-Playing Game Studies, 4.