Call for Guest Editors (JARPS 2023, 2024)


The Japanese Journal of Analog Role-Playing Game Studies (JARPS) is an online-only Gold Open Access, bilingual, peer-reviewed journal published by the Japanese Association for Role-Playing Game Studies. JARPS publishes articles about (primarily) non-digital ("analog") forms of role-playing, with a focus on table-top/table-talk role-playing games (TRPG) and live-action role-play (larp) in and from Japan but in a global context; articles about producers and users; and articles about the educational, political, or therapeutical application of such games.

The journal is inviting guest editors for the next special issues in 2023, and 2024.

Each issue would cover a certain aspect of current role-playing game related research and practice, such as educational applications, player-character relations, or the human body in play.

Potential guest editors are asked to submit their ideas for a possible issue via the regular submission system (Please choose “Guest Issue” under section). Under “Comments for the Editor” please provide the date for which you seek to apply (2023 and/or 2024; please specify at least one year). 

As submission file please upload your potential call for submissions (as “Article Text”), describing the theme, and specifying the kinds of contribution you expect. Please see calls from previous years here as reference. You do not have to provide the call in both languages, English or Japanese suffices. If you can, however, do not hesitate to submit the call in both.

Under Metadata, include the title and subtitle of the special issue, summarize the topic in less than 300 words (Abstract) and include all co-guest-editors under contributors. Keywords are welcome but not necessary.

What we offer: A distribution platform for a broader collection of research and practice related papers in a designated field of your choice related to analog role-playing games. The journal editors will support you with the actual call for application, the peer-review process, copy-editing, layouting, and distribution. We ask you to adhere to our styleguide and conventions but leave the content up to you.

Deadline for submissions is August 25, 2022.

If your topic is selected for 2023, we kindly ask you to participate in an academic symposium about the 2022 special issue in September, where you would announce your call for submissions and the topic of your guest issue.

Please address any questions to